Accelerate Discovery with an End-to-end R&D Research Solution

In a unified scientific system with unparalleled breadth and depth of capabilities, uncover a new and optimized mode of discovery. 

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Uncover the Powerful Simplicity of Scientific Solutions Across Research Disciplines

End-to-End R&D Solution

Experience Breadth & Depth of Scientific Capabilities

The Dotmatics digital science platform provides the first true end-to-end solution for scientific R&D, combining an enterprise data platform with the most widely used applications for data analysis, biologics, flow cytometry, chemicals innovation, and more.

Assay Data Management Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) Entity Registration Scientific Search Visualization & Analytics Data Management
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Enhance Insights with Shared Data

Uncover life-changing discoveries in every scientific area, across research modalities. By having a comprehensive set of capabilities all connected to a single platform, scientists can perform advanced techniques and generate insights that can then be seamlessly shared and used in real time.

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Optimize Configurable, Out-of-the-box Workflows

Pre-configured workflows are built by scientists who intimately understand the challenges and use cases of the researchers who use the system. Since the workflows are configurable, they can also be changed to meet the unique needs of any modality or discipline.

CAR-T Therapy

Help project teams make faster, global scientific innovations in CAR-T therapy discoveries.

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Antibody Therapy

Analyze sequence data, design optimized candidates and execute breakthrough lab experiments in antibody discovery processes.

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RNA Therapy

Leverage the strengths and address the needs of both chemists and biologists for the most innovative approach to research for therapies and RNA medicines.

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Chemistry Design

Empower medical and synthetic chemists as they analyze scientific project R&D data to drive their decision making.

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