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Enable Collaborative Research

Capture and store experiments and share with internal and external collaborators in a single, intuitive framework to support data-driven decision making with secure, virtual notebook software.

Capture Data Across Scientific Disciplines

Flexible templates in the digital lab notebook accommodate chemistry, biologics, chemicals and materials experiments and incorporate guidelines in maintaining a laboratory notebook effectively.

Leverage Seamless Workflow Integration

Optimize the cycle of innovation with a cohesive notebook workflow, where data flows securely between the electronic lab book and experiment registration, screening, and decision support.

Streamline Discovery with a Flexible, Shared Digital Lab Notebook

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Fully Searchable

A virtual lab notebook needs to help accelerate experimentation. Our ELN software does this with an intuitive dashboard for accessing data collected across an organization.

Flexible Protocols

Employ configurable templates to capture experiments ranging from highly structured to ad hoc, including synthetic and analytical chemistry, molecular and screening biology, formulations and more, all within the electronic lab book framework.

Shared Knowledge Base

Maintain a single source of truth for real-time collaboration with colleagues around the world, with what we consider to be the best electronic lab notebook in the industry.

Secure and Accessible

Retrieving experiment data becomes effortless using a browser or mobile device. We know security and accessibility are key principles when it comes to selecting the best online lab notebook for your organisation. That is why they are fundamental to our ELN software.

Sophisticated Dashboard

Our ELN software allows navigation by experiment, notebook or hierarchy, enabling quick access to relevant information and details about organizational performance.

Synthetic and Analytical Chemistry Protocols

Leverage automation and configuration for managing reagents, reactions and results, all within the electronic lab book framework.

Streamlined Biologics Protocols

Structured protocols simplify data capture and minimize disruption for scientists by integrating with registration and inventory tools.

Adaptable Templates for Chemicals Innovation and Materials Science

Embrace flexible workflows that accommodate highly standardized experiments as well as novel explorations with polymers, formulations, and more, using an industry leading electronic lab journal.

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