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Flow Cytometry Software, Reimagined

Leverage a modern cytometry analysis platform that bridges machine learning and analytical pipelines with classical manual analysis.

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Explore the Future of Flow Cytometry

Use OMIQ's suite of machine learning tools, cutting-edge algorithms and interactive visualizations to bring order to complex high-dimensional data. OMIQ's modular architecture ensures that you have access to the latest and greatest analytical innovations as they happen.

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All analysis in OMIQ is stored as a traceable sequence of steps making it easy to reproduce, trace and audit. Customize your workflow with plugins and your code can run inside OMIQ.

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Get to results faster with data and algorithms generated by your team that can be easily shared with the world or kept private for your enterprise only. Access is based on customized permission levels and protected by enterprise-grade security, including end-to-end and at-rest encryption and organizational security-in-depth.

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Dimensionality Reduction

Use OMIQ's suite of machine learning tools to bring order to complex high-dimensional data

Run t-SNE, UMAP, PCA, EmbedSOM, FIt-SNE, TriMap, and more

Use opt-SNE to remove the guesswork with settings and get great results every time

Take advantage of GPU-accelerated processing options to get results over 100x faster in some cases


Categorize data into populations automatically 

Use FlowSOM, Phenograph, PARC, SPADE, ClusterX, and more

Use graph analysis or heatmaps to deepen your understanding of stucture and patterns within data

Statistical Differential Analysis

Cut through the noise and find what matters

OMIQ has visualizations and statistical methods to find the strongest stratifying signals aligned with clinical or experimental metadata

Trajectory Inference

Discover and visualize paths of cellular development

Understand differentiation switch points and cell fate

Automated Data Cleaning

Everything starts with clean data

Incorporate algorithms such as flowAI and flowCut into your workflow to help automate and standardize this key step of analysis


Normalize data as part of your workflow

Tame batch effects and other unwanted signal differences between files in order to improve comparability for analysis and visualization

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Discover more of the features and benefits of modern flow cytometry software.

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