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Collaborative RNA Biology Solutions

Because successful development of RNA-based therapeutic candidates requires the interplay of chemistry and biology, Dotmatics comprehensive scientific R&D system can uniquely support project teams with cross-functional and collaborative capabilities, drawing on the strengths and needs of both chemists and biologists for the most innovative approach to research for therapies and RNA medicines.

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Capture All of Your Data

The Dotmatics search capability allows project scientists to search and gather all relevant project data quickly and easily, irrespective of whether it is in Dotmatics databases, scattered across multiple third party systems or in corporate datamarts or warehouses.

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Customer Impact

R&D Digital Transformation at Cancer Research UK

“The improved efficiency and availability of data will ultimately improve experimental turnaround and throughput.”

Daniel James

Principal Informatics Manager

Cancer Research UK, Beatson

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Capabilities that Support R&D Data & Lab Insights

The RNA Therapies workflow groups key capabilities into packages that can scale with your team as your needs change. Explore what is included, or request a demo of the full workflow.

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Biologics Discovery - Novel RNA - electrnoc laboratory notebook

Laboratory Notebook

Capture, store, search and share all of your experiments in a single system.

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Biologics Discovery - Novel RNA - scientific research icon


Search and report on data and lab insights across research databases.

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Biologics Discovery - entity registration icon


Register sequence-based, chemically-modified and structureless biological entities.

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Biologics Discovery - Novel RNA - assay development

Data Analysis

Analyze assays from screening experiments with GraphPad Prism.

The preferred analysis and graphing solution for scientific research
Antibody page - assay data management icon

Assay Data

Capture and analyze all types of screening experiments.

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Antibody page - visualization analytics icon

Visualization &

Analyze, graph and present your analyses to improve laboratory data validation.

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Antibody page - bioinformatics icon


Comprehensive nucleic acid and protein sequence design and analysis with Geneious Prime.

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car-t cell therapy antibodies sequence analysis software

Antibody Sequence

Advanced analytics and intuitive visualizations for a wide range of antibody-like molecules with Geneious Biologics.

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scientific experiments recording


Simulate modern molecular biology experiments and procedures with SnapGene.

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Biologics Discovery - sample planning icon


Search sample and materials inventory that tracks relevant data across locations throughout the R&D process.

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Requesting &

Manage the requesting and assignment of laboratory tasks and track progression of samples.

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