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Materials innovation combines a multitude of scientific disciplines, including synthetic chemistry, polymer science, formulation, and process development. As a result, digitalizing materials innovation requires a data-centric platform approach for an inclusive view on all research data.   

The Dotmatics platform enables chemicals and materials organizations to integrate existing data sources and implement workflows that fit into the R&D process. A curated set of workflows is available out-of-the box for immediate adoption.


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Dotmatics Implements ‘Data to Value’ Initiative with BASF Agricultural Solutions

With a 3-step phased approach, BASF Agricultural Solutions successfully reached the goals of the ‘Data to Value’ project.  

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Lab Data Automation for Chemicals and Materials R&D

See how a unified platform approach enhances data automation workflows for research departments by providing data continuity across disjointed point solutions.

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R&D Digitalization with Data Intelligence in Mind – A Strategy for Chemicals & Materials Innovation

Digitalization of materials innovation in the chemicals industry has the potential to accelerate innovation and increase productivity.  

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Platform Scope


Ingredient Management 

This workflow leverages Bioregister as a general entity registration framework. The solution provides complete flexibility to define and track ingredient properties. Typical applications of this would include supplier information, cost, physical properties such as density or pH, domain-specific properties, and batch information among others.

Creates full traceability of all formulation constituents and their properties

Simplifies setup of workflows and applications


A platform ELN capability to define ingredient levels groups multiple formulations into a single experiment and associates samples to these formulations. This allows for connection of the formulations to various testing requests e.g., analytical or physical characterization. 

Dotmatics platform creates basis for powerful data insights  

Supports planning and analysis of complex formulation experiments


Process allows the researcher to define step-by-step how the ingredients form the product. Includes capabilities to define the equipment used, alongside tracking of their associated metadata (calibration date, location, SOPs, etc.). 

Enables in-depth capture of product specifications  

This knowledge is indispensable for capturing and reusing data


For testing, the C&M solution connects to the lab digitalization capabilities of the platform, including request management and ingredient/sample tracking.  In many cases, this can fulfill LIMS-type workflows, or, it might be able to integrate into existing LIMS infrastructure for a truly end-to-end workflow.

Connects product specification with testing data: 80% of decision support is based on this!  


Data accessibility is a hallmark of the Dotmatics platform, and this solution is no different. Data management allows insights with query and visualization capabilities

Creates a powerful foundation for data modeling (AI/ML) 

Enables deep insights and improved decision support

Scientists Choose Dotmatics


A Data Centric Platform & Role-based Workflows

Data Visualization and Decision Support

Lab Digitalization

Simplified R&D IT Infrastructure

Dotmatics implements the vast variability of R&D workflows that can be found in materials innovation with configurable templates. Whether you’re dealing with battery research, food additives, or agrisciences R&D, Dotmatics has you covered. 


Implements workflow and roles: Adapt the Dotmatics platform to your ways of working and not the other way around. Simplifies end-user adoption and improves collaboration. 

Logically connects all R&D data:With a comprehensive experiment concept, all relevant metadata are connected, allowing for simplified data capture and results analysis.  

Solves data management issues: With the Dotmatics platform being open, connect existing LIMS/ELN systems or bespoke repositories approach for full data interoperability. 

Sustainable Formulation Research and Development

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