Integrate Geneious Biologics

Transform Antibody Discovery with a Comprehensive Solution

Accelerate research and make groundbreaking insights with advanced molecular biology tools in Geneious Biologics with your Dotmatics data. Geneious Biologics provides advanced analytics and intuitive visualizations for a wide range of antibody-like molecules, helping you to extract the maximum value from your datasets.

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Explore the Dotmatics Difference

Enhance Decision Making with Contextualized Data

Drive data-driven insights by connecting relevant assay data to sequences in Geneious Biologics where entities can be annotated and analyzed in a single collaborative workspace. This also complements Dotmatics dashboards with detailed sequence analysis capabilities in Geneious Biologics so researchers can see all of the associated data in the context they need.

Protein Sequence Data Capture

Improve Productivity with Connected Workflows

Data from antibody assays can be sent automatically to Geneious Biologics, streamlining the process of associating assay data with sequence data and accelerating candidate selection. This decreases both time spent collating assay data and the risks of introducing inadvertent errors, driving your team's efficiency and accuracy.

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Maximize Data Quality with Streamlined Registration

Improve data quality by replacing manual data transfers with programmatic exchange of data and sequence annotations calculated in Geneious Biologics and included in the registration records. Using the Geneious Biologics Integration, researchers can register a single or multiple antibody sequences into the Dotmatics biological registration system.

geneious biologics registration

Discover the Benefits of the Geneious Biologics Integration




Annotate and Analyze

Significantly speed up candidate selection by leveraging datasets of all sizes, from Sanger to NGS to Single Cell

All sequence data can be imported, assembled, annotated and analyzed in a single collaborative workspace

Transform collaboration across teams with intuitive folder-based organization and a seamlessly integrated shared database

Identify Statistical Trends

Cluster sequences by regions or clonotype and identify dominant clones then compare frequencies across samples

Efficient and comprehensive analysis, allows you to get back to the lab faster

Visualize and Discover

Push assay data from Dotmatics to Browser, search and filter using powerful queries, view interactive graphs, trees, and alignments. Build reports with tables, graphs and comments

Unlock valuable insights with interactive visualizations, statistics, and search tools

Increase Collaboration

Search for sequences in a central database, collaborate with team members and share results and import and export data seamlessly

Transform collaboration across teams with intuitive folder-based organization and a seamlessly integrated shared database

Integrated Data Platform

All interactions and changes to the data are traceable

Easy for scientists to find and use all of their data 

Access a secure and reliable cloud computing platform

Improves data integrity and usability and increase data compliance

F.A.I.R. Compliant

Built in reproducibility and replicability by being Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable

Make sure all sequences data is available to everyone on the team 

Data is created using a standard and reusable format

Why Scientists Choose Dotmatics

With access to Geneious Biologics capabilities, Dotmatics users save hours in the lab with industry leading algorithms, powerful analyses and superior annotations. Researchers can create high-quality libraries, select the optimal therapeutic candidates and share those insights with other researchers on the team.

Customer Impact

Medical Research Leader Realizes Improved Productivity with Streamlined Workflows

"The real power of Geneious Biologics is its superb flexibility that enables the development of bespoke workflows for data processing and analysis. Geneious Biologics is a true one-stop destination for any type of antibody sequencing data analysis.” 

Dr. Arkadiusz Oleksy
Principal Scientist & Team Leader at LifeArc

Better Together

When combined with the breadth and depth of collaborative capabilities in Dotmatics, Geneious Biologics enables powerful antibody sequence annotation and analysis, allowing your team to get the results they need, together.

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