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Unlock the value of your instrument data with Luma Lab Connect

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Multi-modal Biologics R&D

Enable teams to easily and collaboratively capture and track high volumes of data in order to make the best-informed decisions across biologic drug discovery modalities.

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The Dotmatics Advantage

The Platform to Deliver More Predictable Results, Faster

  • Accelerate research with streamlined data flow

  • Elevate insights with unparalleled breadth and depth of capabilities

  • Maximize data value with powerful integrations  

  • Improve productivity with out-of-the-box workflows

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A Better World with Data Intelligence & Analytics

“Our power users built the system together with the Dotmatics experts which made it ‘their’ solution. This contributed to the fact that they were very open to the new system and had a positive attitude towards it.”

Dr. Joachim Dickhaut

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