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Accelerate Protein Characterization & Proteomic Analysis

Trusted by over 200 biopharmaceutical companies and 300 academic institutions, Protein Metrics software allows researchers to enhance mass spectrometry data analysis and reporting.

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Accelerate Biotherapeutic Reporting

With vendor neutrality and templated configurable workflows, data is analyzed on one platform, ensuring reproducibility of analysis and consistent cross-experiment comparison. Whether working in a discovery environment to produce a deep understanding of your biotherapeutic, or in a production to confirm Critical Quality Attributes, you can be assured of the templated robustness of your findings.

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Enable Deeper Insights

Manage, interrogate, and share files and reports generated from any analytical lab.  Easily find past experiments, reuse knowledge and unearth fresh insights with metadata, deep query and dashboards by processing data based on the most up-to-date information.

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Validate With Confidence

Take advantage of a compliance ready platform and seamlessly move from non-GxP to GxP in one space. With signature workflows and a full audit trail, monitor your system suitability, and eliminate the worry of erroneous results with alerts to confirm the robustness of your platform.

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Discover the Benefits of Protein Metrics




Scalable Capacity

Handle volumes of data and computational load by dynamically scaling to your capacity needs.

Not be limited by infrastructure - on-demand capacity

Automated Processing

Transfer and process files unattended.

Save time, eliminate inconsistencies - especially with routine workflows

Mutualising knowledge

Expert know-how captured and discernable in workflows.

Expertise faithfully disseminated allowing for focus on other issues

Single Platform Discovery to Regulated

Same environment used in regulated and non-regulated environments

Simpler hand-off of methods between departments - decomplexifies validation 

Vendor Neutral, Open Platform

Both vendor data neutral for analytics and IT infrastructure agnostic for deployment

Plug and Play - regardless of analytical raw data, and informatics data architecture

Cross Project Dashboards

Combines processed data and meta data 

Facile views across the full range of raw, processed and other internal data 

Put your content in context. Views and data are not static but a dynamic interrogable landscape giving a broader view of features in their relevant context

Customer Impact

Roche Realizes Enhanced Insight and Improved Reporting

"Protein Metrics is really an all in one solution. We have the search engine. We have the evaluation part of the software, and also a powerful documentation tool. We have powerful reporting tool as well where we can provide customized templates for all our users."

Marco Böttger
Principal Associate, Roche

Why Scientists Choose Protein Metrics

Whether identifying proteins for proteomics, or determining heterogeneity, Protein Metrics provides substantially more information than previous technologies, which require time consuming manual analysis by experts.

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