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Dotmatics is the world’s largest provider of scientific process automation and R&D software for data analysis, genomics, flow cytometry, and more. All of our products are designed to enable scientists to accurately turn data into insights at speed, and make better decisions, faster, for therapeutics or materials development. To learn more about the capabilities within our R&D process management ecosystem, click on the logo below.

At the Core of Scientific Breakthroughs

A versatile statistics tool purpose-built for scientists. Graphpad Prism is industry-leading software that simplifies the analysis, graphing and presenting of scientific research.

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Geneious Prime and Geneious Biologics are intuitive yet powerful software applications that provide DNA data analysis and visualization.

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SnapGene is the world’s most popular cloning tool offering the easiest way to plan, visualize, and document core molecular biology procedures.

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Statsols is the owner of nQuery, the world’s most trusted clinical trial design platform and proprietary sample size software.

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De Novo's FCS Express is a fully integrated analysis, statistics, graphing and reporting tool, focused on turning raw flow cytometry and image cytometry data into presentation-ready results.

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De Novo

LabArchives is a best-in-class Electronic Lab Notebook data management solution that enables scientists to easily document data, prove and protect discovery, and collaborate in a secure environment.

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Protein Metrics is the leading provider of proteomics analysis software that allows scientists to perform highly-accurate analyses on the data generated from all major commercially available mass spectrometry platforms.

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Protein Metrics

OMIQ is a modern cytometry analysis platform that bridges the world of machine learning and analytical pipelines with that of classical manual analysis, allowing researchers to go from raw data to statistical significance in one software.

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SoftGenetics bioinformatics software offers a range of advanced genetic analysis products for research, forensics, and healthcare applications.

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What our clients are saying

Geneious is an absolutely beautiful package to work with. We love it and we are telling everyone about it.”

Charles Moore

Novartis Pharma AG, Switzerland

“I have used Prism and many of its competitors extensively and I think Prism is by far the most intuitive and approachable software of its class.”

Jessica H. Hartman, Ph.D

Duke University

“Solutions like Dotmatics are enabling organisations like ours to raise the academic game to another level.”

Julian Blagg

Institute of Cancer Research