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Integrating Geneious Prime with the Dotmatics biological registration system enables thousands of global biotech leaders to enhance their sequence analysis processes.  

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Explore the Dotmatics Difference

Accelerate Research with Streamlined Workflow

The seamless sequence workflows allows users to streamline research by sharing design, advanced analysis, and other critical information amongst colleagues performing their own research. By having direct access to Dotmatics biological registration database, researchers can also simply entity registration and focus on science.

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Maximize Data Quality with Streamlined Registration

Reduce error-prone, manual data handling by registering a single or multiple sequences into the Dotmatics biological registration system directly from Geneious Prime.


Protect Critical Information and IP 

Protect key intellectual property and other critical information to your research by capturing important sequence information into a centralized database. Work with ease, knowing that your data is protected.

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Discover the Benefits of the Geneious Prime Integration




Increase Collaboration

Streamline registering and sharing your sequences straight from Geneious Prime

Transform collaboration across teams with intuitive folder-based organization and a seamlessly integrated shared database

Central Repository

Centralize sequence data management and analysis in one platform

Store and organize your sequences alongside analysis results and NCBI data

Ease of Use

Intuitive, user-friendly interface transforms raw sequence data into meaningful visualizations

Scientists can analyze their own data without having to outsource to external stakeholders

Custom Workflows

Create automated workflows, extend with plugins, integrate with existing systems and add your own custom algorithms

Make your bioinformatic tool work for you to increase efficiency, control business processes, and reduce human error in your research

Integrated Data Platform

Log in with a single sign on authentication system, where all interactions and changes to the data are traceable

Easy for scientists to find and use all of their data 

No more manual copy and paste from sequence spreadsheets

Improves data integrity and usability and increase data compliance

F.A.I.R. Compliant

Built in reproducibility and replicability by being Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable

Make sure all sequences data is available to everyone on the team 

Data is created using a standard and reusable format

Why Scientists Choose Dotmatics

With access to Geneious Prime capabilities, Dotmatics users save hours in the lab with industry leading algorithms, powerful analyses and superior visualizations while designing sequences. Researchers gain critical insights and and share those insights across the research team.

Customer Impact

Plant & Wildlife Science Researcher Easily Transforms to Data Driven Decision-Making

“Geneious is the perfect combination of ease-of-use and bioinformatic refinement.”

Dr. Joshua Udall
Brigham Young University

Better Together

The Dotmatics and Geneious Prime integration enables collaborative sequence analysis, allowing your team to get the results they need, together.

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