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Uncover the world’s most popular ELN for rapid digitization. Elevate your team's note-taking experience to store, organize, & share research data so they can focus on innovation.

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Explore the LabArchives Difference

Easily Record and Organize Notes

Take notes, add data, access templates, link between files, track edits, and sync effortlessly to the cloud so you can access your notes anywhere.

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Built for Scientific Content

Insert and annotate any type of content including text, data, images and media. Create templates, share protocols, build libraries and manage inventories. Advanced search finds all of your past experiments and notes.

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Share and Collaborate on Findings

Share protocols, data and files with your team and external collaborators. Receive feedback on experiments and analysis while keeping a single source of truth.

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Discover the Benefits of the LabArchives Solution




Easy Creation

Simple file drag and drop functionality to begin creating and editing notebooks

Increase productivity

Promote scientific reproducibility

Avoid complicated change management


Create your own entry template types with widgets and layouts that fit your specific needs

Make each entry fit a specific need to store and feature the most important information for that specific need

Entry Templates

Choose from dozens of entry templates with out-of-the-box formatting

Focus on science, not software

Rich Content & Formatting

Edit entries with rich text editing and formatting.

Add widgets and adjust layouts

Highlight and prioritize the most critical data

Various Content Types

Add any type of content including text, images, media and endpoint solutions

Store all of your relevant content in a single place

Sequence File Management

Store, browse, search, view and share DNA sequence files in almost three dozen formats

Contextualize your data to make more informed decisions

Chemical Content

Draw and search chemical structures with chemical sketching capabilities

Add chemical and mathematical equations

Maximize productivity by completing tasks across a workflow in one place


Share files and collaborate directly in the application with local or distributed teams with commenting, alerts & mentions

Generate quality and contextualized insight with collective team involvement

Tracked & Secure Management

Implement hierarchical user roles and permissions

Prevent data loss with daily notebook backups

Data encryption is at rest and in transit

Every entry is date and time stamped in an audit trail

Defend any research audit

Protect your IP

Customer Impact

University Streamlines Research Practices

LabArchives has been transformative for researchers. It integrates seamlessly into their research practices, rather than changing the way they do research. It saves staff and students time and makes them more efficient. For some, this means increasing the amount of experimentation they do each day, for others it enables more expansive analysis of research findings.

Dr. Andrew Black
Research Development and Collaboration, University of Sydney

Why Scientists Choose LabArchives

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