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Enable Smarter and Faster Molecular Cloning

When integrated with Dotmatics, SnapGene enables you to improve your core molecular biology research and discover novel insights. Plan, visualize and document your molecular cloning procedures and then register your vectors using the biological registration integration.

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Explore the Dotmatics Difference

Generate Contextualized Insights

Sequences created in SnapGene are displayed in the Dotmatics ELN, showing rich sequence features and metadata that enables collaborative analysis throughout the workflow.   Team members on the project can work with the same critical sequence and cloning information, and together uncover groundbreaking insights.

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Improve Data Quality with a Single Data Source

Register newly created or edited clones and vectors into the Dotmatics biological entity registration system directly from SnapGene. This seamless workflow allows researchers to capture important information in a centralized database, protecting key intellectual property and other critical information.

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Enhance Productivity with a Powerful Integration

The seamless molecular biology workflow enables streamlined collaboration and organizational consistency by enabling users to access and share common assets throughout the registration process. Other members of the team can also find and work with the same files stored in different places. 

Protein Sequence Data Capture

Discover the Benefits of the SnapGene Integration




Increase Collaboration

Streamline assay data analysis, standardize for high throughput screening, and make sure data is easily shareable

Spend less time on data analysis and more time in the lab​

Central Repository 

Create templates to quickly reproduce analyses and graphs

Provides users a no-code method to automate and standardize data analyses and visualization in Prism

Ease of Use

Export aggregated assay data from multiple experiments

Skip time-consuming and error-prone manual collating of data that occurs from copy & pasting

Integrated Data Platform

Reduce time to publish. Prism allows you to customize your exports (file type, resolution, transparency, dimensions, color space RGB/CMYK) to meet the requirements of journals. Set your defaults to save time

Go from data to elegant, publication-quality graphs — with ease

F.A.I.R. Compliant

Export assays from a single Screening experiment

Deep dive to perform advanced statistical analysis and high-fidelity data visualizations

File and Folder Management

Choose any folder on your file system as a project and quickly view subfolders and files directly within a new, collapsible, folder panel.

Perform file operations and quickly browse all supported file types.

Why Scientists Choose Dotmatics

Researchers can accelerate discovery using the Dotmatics platform integrated with SnapGene, the industry-leading molecular cloning tool that allows users to plan, visualize and document molecular cloning research. Save hours in the lab, gain critical insights with clear visual schematics to see exactly how the construct will be put together, and share those insights across the team.

Customer Impact

University Research Lab Simplifies Molecular Cloning with SnapGene

“I just want to say that I LOVE SnapGene. It has dramatically altered the research that my lab does, giving us the confidence to take on difficult cloning with minimal effort!” 

D. Bryant
University of Glasgow

Better Together

When combined with the additional advanced research capabilities in Dotmatics, SnapGene allows researchers to integrate molecular cloning planning and visualization into every biologic research workflow.

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