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From Instruments to Informatics Software

The Dotmatics Lab Data Informatics workflow fully automates the process of acquiring and processing instrument data wherever it is located. Files and results are stored in a secure data vault and then transmitted to laboratory information system, such as the bioinformatics lab notebook or assay data management systems, to drive quality analysis. The entire process becomes automated, real-time and free from error.

laboratory informatics for drug discovery
Data Capture
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Capture & Track Your Data at Anytime

Automatically transfer data from instruments to end users for faster and better decision making. You can also make them available to data-driven R&D efforts such as machine learning/artificial intelligence (ML/AI). Files are available via an automatic, secure and lossless RESTFul API.

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“Dotmatics is very open to exploring different methods and ensuring we can capture and store data in a way that best suits us. Their help really has been invaluable.”

Gary Nugent

The Institute of Cancer Research

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Capabilities that Support Lab Insights

The Lab Data Informatics for Drug Discovery workflow groups key capabilities into packages that can scale with your team as your needs change. Explore what is included, or request a demo of the full solution.

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Biologics Discovery - Novel RNA - electrnoc laboratory notebook

Laboratory Notebook

Capture, store, search and share all of your experiments in a single system.

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Biologics Discovery - Novel RNA - scientific research icon


Search and report on data and lab insights across research databases.

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Antibody page - visualization analytics icon

Visualization &

Analyze, graph and present your analyses to improve laboratory data validation.

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Biologics Discovery - Novel RNA - assay development

Data Analysis

Analyze assays from screening experiments with GraphPad Prism.

The preferred analysis and graphing solution for scientific research
Antibody page - assay data management icon

Assay Data

Capture and analyze all types of screening experiments.

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