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Dotmatics is the R&D software platform that powers the data of millions of scientists around the world. Discover the performance, flexibility, and scalability needed to unlock a new and optimized mode of discovery.

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Amplify Data Value With a Connected System

Your scientists know what data is needed to move faster—they only need access. With Dotmatics, scientists gather, understand, use, and share research data across locations, experiments and modalities to provide access to previously invisible possibilities. 

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Many Workflows, But No
More Data Silos

Eliminate the risk and inefficiencies caused by data silos. The Dotmatics platform is uniquely designed to power many different R&D workflows, bridging the gap between systems and external data sources, so scientists can access critical insights without having to move or copy data between systems.

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Access the tools scientists already use and love to save time, access higher quality data, and minimize change management by having advanced capabilities combined in one place.

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