Advanced Lab Integration Software

Unlock the value of your scientific instrument data with automated ingestion, scientific data modeling and cutting-edge data management for seamless lab integration.

Seize the Value of Your Raw Instrument Data

Simplify Instrument Connectivity
Eliminate manual processes by automating the real-time flow of lab instrument data into the Luma data management platform purpose-built for scientific discovery.
Increase Accuracy
Improve data quality by structuring and consolidating information with critical descriptive metadata and experimental results — no configuration required.
Accelerate Decision-Making
Empower scientists to easily visualize, query and model data in custom dashboards, leading to quicker, more informed decisions.

Luma Lab Connect Features

Extend out-of-the-box functionality with easy to use and govern low-code capabilities, adapting to change as data needs and use cases evolve.
Leading Scientific Tools
Integrate with the world's leading scientific tools such as OMIQ, Geneious, and Prism for high-value scientific workflows.
Scientific Data Modeling
Use out-of-the-box data models or build your own to transform inaccessible manufacturer data formats into usable structured representations.
Drive FAIR Data
Automate data wrangling and extract your data via JDBC, AWS EventBridge, Apache Nifi, or OOTB GraphQL and REST APIs.
Automatically Ingest Data From Any Instrument
Ingest data from 100+ instruments using out-of-the-box parsers that require no additional configuration to reduce errors and time spent moving data.
Automated Data Enrichment and Contextualization
Augment and correlate test results from instruments with additional data from external systems to make better decisions.
Integrated Lab Technologies
Create a comprehensive picture of your data by integrating with Windows, Linux, S3 file systems, SQL/JSON/CSV data sources, or API integrations.
Dashboards and Visualization
Use out-of-the-box visualizations to analyze data and accelerate decision making, or bring your own third party visualization tool.
Cloud-Native Platform
Built on robust technologies including AWS, Databricks, and Datadog to guarantee performance, quality, and scale.
Create and execute queries using natural language and GenerativeAI to provide unprecedented ability to easily analyze complex relationships.
Data Search and Download
Data is always at your fingertips with the ability to search and download data using a web client or via open APIs.
Secure Your Data
Secures data in transit and at rest to protect your most important asset: your data.

Simplify Your Workflow, Amplify Your Discoveries

Flow Cytometry
Reduce time-to-value with automated flow data ingestion, AI-based autogating and autolabeling in OMIQ, and auto-linking of raw and analyzed test results with experiments in your ELN.
Automatically link test results with experiments
Automatically ingest and associate instrument test data with the correct experiment in your ELN using embedded annotations and custom metadata.
AI-Ready Data
Collect, standardize, and model data to harmonize disaparate data silos for more effective and differentiated AI processing such as feature tagging and dataset curation.

Supported Instruments List

Instrument TypeVendorSoftwareFormat
Bioprocess AnalyzerRocheCedex Bio HT.txt
BioReactorSartoriusAmbr15 Runtime.csv, .txt
BioReactorSartoriusAmbr250 Runtime.csv, .txt, .pegpro
Cell CharacterizationLumaCyteIlluminate.xlsx
Cell CounterBeckman CoulterViCell.csv
Cell Selection and RetrievalSartoriusCellCelector.csv, .UFol, .Result
Compound CharacterizationPionSirius T3.t3t, .t3r
ElectrophoresisAgilentTapeStation 4200 software.HSRNA, .HSD1000, .zip, .SLD, .D1000, .gDNA, .P200, .sld
Flow CytometersVariousMultiple.fcs
Focused ultrasonicatorCovarisSonolab 7.hst, .pro
High Throughput ImagingSynentecCellavista built-in software.csv
High Throughput ImagingSartoriusIncucyte Software.XML, .TIF, .SDF, .PlateMap, .SDF, .TXT
High Throughput ImagingCytivaInCell.xdce
LC/MSThermoFisherXcalibur.raw, .RAW
LC/MSBrukerCompass.d data packages
LC/MS, chromatographyAgilentChemStation.ACAML, .MACAML, .UV, .CH, .MS
ImagesVariousMultiple.TIFF, .TIF
NMRBrukerTopSpin.jdx, .pdf (with embedded jdx)
Plate ReaderPerkin ElmerEnVision. ENV, .env, .csv, .txt, .LOG (partial)
Plate ReaderMSDDiscovery Workbench.txt
Plate ReaderThermo FisherNanoDrop series (1000, 2000, 3000).ndv, .twbk
Plate ReaderBMG LabtechMARS (Microplate Reader Control Software).dat, .DAT, .csv
Plate ReaderMolecular DevicesSoftMax Pro.sda
Protein CharacterizationSartoriusOctet.fmf, .fmx, .frd, .fsd, .xls, .csv
Raman SpectroscopyBruker (Tornado Spectral Systems)SpectralSoft.spc
File MetadataVariousWindows OS, Linux OS, S3, Network DrivesAll Files
X-Ray DiffractionBrukerDIFFRAC.SUITE.BRML, .xy, .gfrm, .eva
X-Ray DiffractionMalvernPanayltical.XRDML
DSC, TGA, DVSThermal AnalysisTrios.tri
TGAThermal AnalysisTrios.tri
BET Surface Area AnalysisMicromeriticsMicroActive Software for TriStar II Plus.txt

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