Transform Your Flow Cytometry Data Management with Luma Lab Connect

Streamline every step of your data journey, from instrument to insight, with automated uploads, intelligent tagging, and integrated analysis.

Effortless Process, from Experiment to Analysis

With Luma Lab Connect, the journey from data upload to analysis is not just faster; it's smarter. Automatically upload FCS files, leverage intelligent tagging and direct access to OMIQ, and enjoy simplified analysis with autogating.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Flow Cytometry Data

Automated Data Upload and Management
Automatically upload and tag FCS files with custom keywords, enabling a tidy, searchable repository. Say goodbye to data scattered across devices and locations.
Intelligent File Tagging and Organization
Utilize advanced algorithms to parse FCS files and automatically tag them with descriptive metadata and custom keywords. Allowing you to find and manage files easier and focus more on analysis.
Direct Access and Enhanced Analysis through OMIQ
Access your files directly within the Luma platform. Leverage autogating features or conduct in-depth analysis without needing to switch between different software solutions.
Scalable and Collaborative Research Environment
Empower your team to collaborate effectively by enabling shared access to data and analysis tools, enhancing the collective research effort and accelerating discoveries.

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