Dotmatics For Small Molecule Discovery

Dotmatics' solutions support small molecule discovery from hit and lead identification, through lead optimization, to candidate selection. Fully integrated laboratory informatics capabilities capture experiments, molecules, samples and assays. Decision support tools enable gathering, analyzing and visualizing project data. Together, these help project teams be more efficient and make better informed decisions faster.


Seamless Multidisciplinary Workflows

Dotmatics' capabilities are fully integrated so that scientists can easily follow their workflows through the software.

Work-requesting capabilities enable cross-team workflows to be created and monitored.


Laboratory Informatics for Medicinal Chemists

Integrated workflows allow medicinal chemists to capture medicinal chemistry experiments and analytical results in the Studies Notebook, and send the resulting products to Register and samples to Inventory.

They can search for reagents and screening compounds in Chemselector, and search for reactions in the Notebook or Reaxys (with a Reaxys licence).

They can request analytical and assay services on their compounds using Cascade


Laboratory Informatics for Assay Scientists

Integrated workflows allow assay scientists to capture and analyze data from primary, secondary and DMPK assays in Studies.

They can publish validated assay results directly to the scientific teams.

Using Cascade they can request samples and plates from inventory management.


Laboratory Informatics for Sample Managers

Integrated workflows in Inventory allow sample managers to receive samples into an organized hierarchy of storage locations, manage compound lifecycles, and to distribute aliquots and plates for testing.


Decision Support for the Scientific Team

All team members can search across all research data including experiments, molecules samples and assays as soon as results become available.

Cheminformatics analysis and high performance visualization of project data enable the team to make well-informed decisions about project progressions.

Designers can use molecular and library design tools to propose new molecules.

Real-time dashboards support project management decision making.


Designed for Collaboration

Dotmatics' software is designed for collaboration between scientific teams within an organization or, when cloud hosted, across a collaborative research network of pharmas, biotechs, CROs and academic labs. Scientific data can be shared in real time, event feeds and dashboards show up-to-date project status, and collaboration and communication tools facilitate interaction between distributed teams.

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