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Chemistry Solution

Transform Small Molecule Discovery

Making Your Chemistry Research Flow

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Enhancing Collaborative Innovation

Dotmatics’ Small Molecule Discovery workflow supports discovery from hit and lead identification, through lead optimization, to candidate selection. Simplify discovery and development processes, so project teams can be more efficient and make better informed decisions, faster.


Enhance Insights & Innovation

Unified workflow capabilities and collaborative workspaces allow teams to enhance discovery strategies.  Guided visualization and preconfigured cheminformatics analytics capabilities enable medicinal chemists to optimize data utility, planning and design and ​make better decisions, faster​ with a single source of truth.

Improve Productivity & Collaboration

Integrated capabilities and templates combined with a simple data flow provide a unified workspace that supports the entire hit discovery to lead optimization research workflow including design, synthesis, sample logistics, QC analysis, screening and SAR analysis.​  Scientists across departments, scientific disciplines, physical locations and companies can easily browse secure and relevant R&D data and results, so they can focus on novel discoveries.

Achieve Operational Efficiency

Using a single software solution for the entire drug discovery research workflow eliminates the cost of working with multiple vendors, including disparate licenses, implementations, services, training, upgrades.  A unified platform also reduces resources required to integrate, maintain and upgrade software performance.

Featured Workflows

Chemistry Workflows Built for You.

Explore workflows created specifically for Chemistry solutions.

Chemistry Design Workflow

Enable data analysis and design for chemists.

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Scientific Data Management

Allow data-driven decision-making.

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Customer Impact

Enabling Collaborative Insights in One Place

“Dotmatics has truly disrupted the way the company works for the better. As soon as people saw how useful it can be to share everything in one place and how much more efficient our processes are as a result, everyone got on board with Dotmatics.”

René Van Den Bersselaar

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