Upcoming Events

Following on from our hugely successful Symposia in Manchester (2010), Sheffield (2012), Leeds (2014) and Liverpool (2016) we are pleased to announce the details of our 5th ‘Synthesis in Drug Discovery and Development’ Symposium.The Symposium will encompass a series of presentations from leading industrial and academic researchers, who will be highlighting cutting edge developments in organic… Read More

This year, the meeting will be held at The John Curtin School of Medical Research at the Australian National University in Canberra. This year it will go back to a similar format as the 2016 meeting, and offer introductory workshops on all major high-¬throughput technologies that are currently established or emerging in Australia including CRISPR, RNAi, compound and 3D screening, coupled with… Read More

Designed to bring the latest innovation and tech updates to business leaders worldwide, Proventa International’s Biology Strategy Meeting offers more value than typical biology conferences. With all delegates pre-qualified by our team, you can be certain to meet and engage only with primary decision makers from top and emerging biotech, pharma, IT and academic organizations. While biology… Read More

Helping businesses create meaningful partnerships via our unique format of business networking, Proventa International’s Medicinal Chemistry aims to offer more value than typical biochemistry conferences in the United States. Unlike other medicinal chemistry events, the strategy meeting is exclusive to c-level executives so you can be sure that you only meet primary decision makers of top and… Read More

The annual AusBiotech conference has brought together Australian and international biotech leaders and stakeholders for more than three decades, creating a forum to reflect on the sector’s achievements and exchange ideas to further advance the sector’s standing both nationally and globally.

AusBiotech is dedicated to consolidating this growth, and our 2018 conference will once again… Read More

The conference reflects and highlights the important role of chemoinformatics, which connects the modern information and data-driven world with computational modelling of molecular systems. It spans a wide range of subjects related to the use of computers in chemistry, pharmacy, materials science and biology; from informatics and data science to atomistic modelling, and from fundamental… Read More

PEGS Europe is the largest European event covering all aspects of protein and antibody engineering. In 2017, for the sixth year in a row, a record number of delegates participated in PEGS Europe, as more than 900 attendees from 35 countries convened in beautiful Lisbon, Portugal to discuss the latest advances in protein and antibody engineering. The 2018 event will feature:

Redefining the way global business leaders build meaningful partnerships, Proventa International’s Bioinformatics Strategy Meeting aims to offer more value than typical bioinformatics conferences. Exclusive to primary decision makers of top and emerging biotech, pharma and IT companies, our strategy meeting guarantees that you meet and engage with c-level directors only.

Creating an interactive environment where business leaders worldwide can explore partnerships, Proventa International’s Biology Strategy Meeting is unlike regular biology conferences. With director-level executives from Boston and around the world attending, you can be sure you only meet and engage with primary decision makers from large and emerging biotech, pharma and IT organizations.

Recreating how business leaders build meaningful partnerships, Proventa International’s Medicinal Chemistry Strategy Meeting is not like typical biochemistry conferences in the United States. Exclusive to c-level executives only, our strategy meeting gathers primary decision makers from large and emerging biotech and pharma organizations to discuss strategic challenges and share industry… Read More

The 2018 RACI Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology Division’s conference will showcase the best in Australian research tackling the search for new medicinal compounds, the molecular basis of disease and treatments and the extraordinary chemistry of biological systems. We are excited to present our 2018 program which will be both inclusive and diverse and bring together Australian and… Read More

The BioData World Congress is one of the world's leading events for people working in the rapidly expanding fields of Big Data and AI in genomics research.

The event created with the support of leading institutes such as EMBL-EBI, Genomics England, Sanger Institute, Broad Institute and the NHS. As well as these leading research institutes, Biodata brings together global heads of IT,… Read More