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The Dotmatics Lab Data Automation for Chemicals & Materials workflow ensures that scientists get rapid access to high quality instrument data, ensuring immediate insights and accurate measuring of R&D productivity. With data automation solutions for both ELN or LIMS data management, rethink how your R&D data infrastructure connects instrument data with samples and experiments to form a true platform strategy that makes your lab more efficient and data automation techniques more effective.

Data Automation for Chemicals
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Automate Data Acquisition

Automatically transfer data from instruments to end users for faster and better decision making. You can also make them available to data-driven R&D efforts such as machine learning/artificial intelligence (ML/AI). Files are available via an automatic, secure and lossless RESTFul API.

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“The Dotmatics group invested in our patient-first company vision immediately and we understood that our collaboration would immediately yield better science and discovery.”

Michael DiGruccio,


M6P Therapeutics

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Capabilities that Support Lab Data Automation for Chemicals & Materials

The Lab Data Automation for Chemicals and Materials workflow groups key capabilities into packages that can scale with your team as your needs change. Explore what is included, or requestt a demo of the full solution to understand how Dotmatics can advance R&D effectiveness metrics.

Automate Data Acquisition

Automatically Ingest Data From Any Instrument

Ingest data from 100+ instruments using out-of-the-box parsers that require no additional configuration to reduce errors and time spent moving data.

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