Intelligent Assay Data Management

Flexible Data Capture for High-volume

R&D Analysis

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intelligent assay data management

Scalable Data Capture

Centralized data management solution designed to support today’s science, including by handling very high data volume assays with automation and business rules.

Future-oriented Design

Built to accommodate newly developed tests and assays across a broad range of scientific disciplines.

Fully Integrated Processing

Seamlessly deliver data for R&D analysis, search, reporting and registration with a fully linked data publishing loop.

Intelligent Data Management: Create, Capture, Process and Validate Assays

 intelligent data management solutions for scientists

Flexible, Centralized Data Management Solution

Accommodates a wide variety of assay types, including high content (HCS), high throughput (HTS), dose-response and DMPK studies.

Time-saving Automation

Define business rules for highly automated classification of results, allowing for efficient processing of massive results sets.

Powerful Visual Interface

Information-rich visualizations aid in the efficient analysis and review of assay experiments.

Structured or Configurable Protocols

Choose from out-of-the-box assay protocols, curve fit calculators, plate readers and plate layouts, or create and reuse custom definitions.

Complete Data Capture

Captures all R&D data, structured and unstructured, related to an experiment, while supporting in-house, outsourced and cross-company validation workflows.

Manual and Automated Processing Options

Screening scientists can manually define experiments and validate results, or experiment creation and processing can be driven by an automation layer.

Integrated Publishing Loop

Directly deliver data throughout the Dotmatics platform for analysis, search, reporting, registration and sample and materials tracking.

Accessible and Shareable Information

Enable quick access and external collaboration throughout any workflow with a web-based interface and cloud-hosted deployments.

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