Powerful Scientific Data Search Software & Reporting

A Single Search Across

Scientific Research Databases

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Dotmatics 7.1 Data Discovery New Query
powerful scientific data search software & reporting

A Single, Federated Search

Manage and share research data from all systems, including Dotmatics, corporate repositories, and third-party data sources, in one place so you can simplify big data workflow management and find the data needed to quickly answer questions about progress and priorities.

Detailed Reporting Functions

Dotmatics’ research data management functions allow scientists to review and manage project-level and personal search forms, views, queries and lists.

Scientific Search and Reporting Software

Enhance insights through built-in scientific search and discovery, such as chemical structure search and similarity, with the best data visualization software that includes forms, tables, and charts.

Simplify Science with a Single Search

Simplify Scientific Search

Federated model

Integrates chemical, biological, assay, notebook and other research databases to provide a single federated search and browse capability.

Easy, Secure Access

A web-based interface queries on-premise or cloud-based data to facilitate deployment and collaboration.

Search and Browse Options

Realize simplified scientific research data lifecycle management with form-based queries using project- and user-level drag and drop forms, as well as table- and chart-based browsing.

Flexible, Configurable Forms

Create new search and browse forms and views or clone existing forms to reuse with minor modifications.

Specialized Scientific Functions

Input chemical structure queries using popular chemical sketchers and automatically calculate physical properties of molecules.

Export and Send Data

Export data into SD files, CSV or Microsoft Office and use web service APIs to directly access searches and results from other applications.

Grows with data

As datasets grow increasingly large, complex and spread across systems, Dotmatics search tools adapt to accommodate that complexity, providing a single end-to-end solution for scientific process automation and workflow management.

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