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Harmonizing Science & Data to Create a Better Future, Together

From developing new personalized and preventive patient treatment solutions to revising climate change - Dotmatics solutions are at the core of scientific innovation.

Our Vision

At Dotmatics, we believe science, data, and decision-making must be deeply intertwined for innovation to thrive. Yet to date, software has underserved the scientific industry, forcing many to still work on paper and spreadsheets. This root problem is causing many compounding issues - scientists are forced to compromise on vital decisions, and manual data transfer is slowing down the pace of discovery. Ultimately this prevents key breakthroughs from being discovered.

We have a vision for a new Lab of the Future that will change the future of scientific research.

We have created the world’s most comprehensive digital science platform – best-of-breed software applications already used by more than 2 million scientists, together in a single ecosystem united by a powerful, flexible enterprise data platform. This is not flat data buried away in digital graveyards. This is dynamic, multi-dimensional decision-making.

Scientific enterprises need a new level of effectiveness to achieve tomorrow’s breakthroughs. Illness will not wait. The biosphere will not wait. We are tireless in our vision, because the time for innovation is now.

Our mission

We are building the most powerful scientific R&D platform in the world.

By connecting best-in-breed applications on an open and flexible data-driven platform, we enable collaboration, automation and analysis in research labs.

Together, with our scientific community of users, we accelerate scientific innovation in order to make the world a healthier, cleaner, and safer place to live.

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We fuel discovery for scientists, by scientists

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Our employees and solutions, together will achieve more for science

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