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Intuitive Data Visualization & Analysis for Scientific Decision Support

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Perform Advanced Analysis

Perform data manipulation, statistical analysis and sophisticated plotting capabilities required to explore and understand any complexity and size of data.

Informed Decisions

Leverage native data types for advanced chemistry analyses.

Enable Collaborative Research

Save standardized templates and share workspaces for team analysis and decision-making.

Powerful Data Visualization & Analytics

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Utilize Specialized, Built-in Tools

Conduct cheminformatics analyses, including R-group, enumeration, SAR and matched molecular pairs.

Manage Large Data Sets

Understand, refine and select from large and complex data sets of millions of compounds by thousands of descriptors or cells containing whole genome sequences.

Share Workspaces

Collaborate on scientific analysis through shareable workspaces and reusable templates.

Run Various Data Types

Visualize numeric, textual, image, chemical structure data.

Create Interactive Visuals

Generate high performance visualizations, including interactive charts and tables.

Conduct Data Loading

Load data from many types of files directly from databases.

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