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Biology Solution

Experience Truly Collaborative Biologics Discovery

Multi-modal Biologics Drug Research

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Trusted by the world’s leading scientific organizations

Enhance Biologic Drug Discovery Breakthroughs

Enable multidisciplinary and cross-organization research teams to easily and collaboratively capture and track high volumes of data in order to make the best-informed decisions for the biologic drug development process


Capture Data Across Teams and Disciplines

Dotmatics provides a flexible R&D platform with experiment data capture that always meets the needs of scientists, from molecular biologists to sample managers to assay scientists, adapting seamlessly to any structured or unstructured experiment and limiting human error in experiments.

Progress Rapid Research

Expedite findings by leveraging integrated data workflows and collaborative capabilities across scientists, organizations, and geographies. Access to centralized, high-quality data allows scientists to apply their experience, both individually and in teams.

Inform Critical Decisions

Bring the information you need in a view that makes sense to each scientist with real-time dashboards. Since every member of the project team has access to all the project data, scientists can make the best-informed decisions about project progression.

Featured Workflows

Biology Workflows Built for You.

Explore workflows created specifically for Biology solutions.

CAR-T Therapy Workflow

Discover a structured workflow that supports innovative cell-based therapies.

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Antibody Discovery Workflow

Use a simple but powerful workflow to accelerate antibody programs.

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RNA Therapy Workflow

Utilize collaborative features and capabilities to collectively research RNA-based therapeutics.

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Customer Impact

R&D Digital Transformation at Cancer Research UK

“The improved efficiency and availability of data will ultimately improve experimental turnaround and throughput.”

Daniel James
Cancer Research UK, Beatson