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Biology Solution

An End-to-end Biologics Discovery Solution

Supporting drug discovery across multiple biologic therapeutics.

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Trusted by the world’s leading scientific organizations

Enhance Biologic Drug Discovery Breakthroughs

The Biology Solution provides end-to-end data production and analysis capabilities that fit into established and complex workflows, while the platform provides structured data for users to easily and collaboratively access, visualize, and analyze results. The solution leverages integrations between specialized scientific tools and the Dotmatics industry-leading data management platform. 


Flexibility & Easy Data Access

Too often scientists are forced to compromise either speed or accuracy due to disconnected workflows that force manual data handling. Our integrated platform enables efficient data collection so you can quickly visualize and qualify data, which allows for better data driven decisions.

A Centralized Platform

Dotmatics offers a centralized data platform with state of the art workflows that support biologics drug discovery, including Electronic Lab Notebook and Data Management capabilities. Screening and configured workflows for antibodies also provide more depth for antibody discovery.

Collaborate Across Teams & Organizations

The Dotmatics platform allows access for both internal and external users, such as contract research organizations. Centralized data management makes it simple to find, share, access and analyze data across teams, so your scientists can spend less time manually converting data and more time focusing on science.

Featured Workflows

Multi-modal Biologics Drug Research

The Dotmatics solution offers workflows for multiple biologic modalities.

CAR-T Therapy Workflow

Discover a flexible workflow that supports innovative cell-based therapies.

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Antibody Discovery Workflow

Use an integrated workflow to accelerate antibody discovery.

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RNA Therapy Workflow

Utilize collaborative features and capabilities to support RNA-based therapeutic research.

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Customer Impact

R&D Digital Transformation at Cancer Research UK

“The improved efficiency and availability of data will ultimately improve experimental turnaround and throughput.”

Daniel James
Cancer Research UK, Beatson

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