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The Challenges


of scientists state workarounds are required to get data into meaningful outputs and is negatively impacting their work


​of scientists report compromised decision making due to informatics challenges

Our Solution

Dotmatics digitizes and automates lab functions so researchers can rapidly access and analyze high quality data for more effective and timely decision making. It is also the ONLY platform that is designed to handle the wide variety of biologics research to support your current and future research needs.

What is Dotmatics?

The Dotmatics platform allows users to access, visualize, and quickly analyze their complex data in order to make better, data-driven decisions.  With Dotmatics, researchers can keep up with the diversification of Biologics by accelerating drug discovery and related research across multiple biological modalities including antibody, CAR-T, and RNA therapeutics.

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Never Compromise – Use Software You Already Love

Dotmatics has created a different approach with an end-to-end ecosystem of best-in-breed software that you already know, including GraphPad Prism, SnapGene, Geneious Prime, Geneious Biologics, and others.

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