Biological & Chemical Research Registration & IP Protection

Comprehensive Provenance Tracking

and Secure Research Data Management

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entity registration
 biological and chemical entity registration

Lineage and Uniqueness Tracking

Model, record and track biologic entities, such as biomolecules, proteins, or bioconjugates and their lineages, including a chemically-modified sequence, sequence-less entity, and sequence design, and determine the uniqueness for registration.

Centralized Data Management System

Discover a central, formalized system for critically valuable research data, including therapeutic candidates, that protects intellectual property and improves data fidelity.

Register a Broad Range of Biologics

The system accommodates entities such as DNA, RNA, peptides and proteins, antibodies, conjugates, non-natural peptides and nucleotides, plasmids, cell lines and user-defined entities.

Chemical and Reagent Sample Registration

Swiftly log chemical structure and associated data for newly synthesized or acquired compounds.

Uniqueness Determination

Establish uniqueness of compounds and assign new corporate IDs and/or new batch and lot IDs.

Flexible Registration

Perform single compound or batch registration using a company’s internal user interface, Dotmatics or a third-party platform.

Entity Registration Across Biology and Chemistry

sequence alignment software for chemistry scientists

Highly Configurable Lab Automation

Create and modify entity definitions, define subtypes with different attributes, set custom uniqueness rules, configure workflows and more.

Track Provenance and Relationships

Keep track of entity lineage and relationships between associated entities, including entity-batch-sample hierarchies.

Bidirectional Data Access

Integration with other Dotmatics applications enables quick and easy access to registration data to streamline laboratory workflows.

Protect Intellectual Property

Timely and accurate registration safeguards biologics and chemical discovery organizations’ proprietary materials.

Sequence Design Management

Generates full chemical representation, where possible, for natural and non-natural entities.

Protein Production Management

Centralized data tracking and storage for the entire protein production process, including expression vectors and levels, protein tags, purification protocols, and protein concentrations and purities.

Easy to Access

Platform links with third-party applications and is web-based to support quick access and collaboration.

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