A Scientific R&D Platform for Startup Biotech to Large Biopharma

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“Dotmatics is so flexible, scalable, and easy-to-use right from the get-go. This makes it a great choice for all my clients-from biotechs that are just starting up to larger organizations who need to work with their existing systems.” - Bob Coner, Independent Informatics Consultant

Independent Informatics Consultant Bob Coner uses Dotmatics solutions to help his clients automate lab-data capture and improve their data analytics, ultimately improving research decision making.

Coner chooses the Dotmatics scientific R&D platform and software applications because they not only support the entire research and development workflow, but they’re also flexible, scalable, and easy-to-use.

No matter the client or challenge, Dotmatics technology helps Coner provide the perfect solution. He works with companies of all sizes—from biotech start-ups who need an open R&D research platform that will grow with them, to large pharmas who need to integrate legacy lab systems, protect their IP, and turn big data into better decisions.

Coner has used Dotmatics solutions to deliver:

  • Electronic Lab Notebooks to biologists and chemists who need easy-to-use tools for reaction sketching, stoichiometry, notetaking, report creation with signing and countersigning, and patent-document-generation

  • Compound Registration Systems complete with bulk upload and secure CRO access

  • Inventory Management Systems with searchable cell samples and reagents

  • Assay Data Management Systems, including lab instrument integration (LC, NMR), protocol creation, data automation and analysis, plate layout functionality, sample ID assignment, well editing tools, and curve calculation

  • Secure and Searchable Cloud Data Storage for unified research data management (e.g., assay, PK, stability, HTS, DMPK, ADME, permeability, etc.) and integrated data visualization and data analytics

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