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Leveraging Informatics and Modeling Tools to Develop a Comprehensive Design Make and Test platform

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UK-based medical research charity LifeArc is using the Dotmatics Platform and Dotmatics software applications to support their pursuit of next-generation disease diagnostics, treatments, and cures. The company undertakes both small molecule discovery and antibody discovery in hopes of developing groundbreaking diagnostics and therapeutics that will combat conditions such as cancer, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

LifeArc chose the Dotmatics Platform and software applications because they can support the company’s entire Design-Make-Test research cycle. With the Dotmatics, internal LifeArc chemists and biologists are securely united with external partners from academia, biotech, and CROs on one collaborative research platform. Dotmatics Platform helps the researchers automate data acquisition and gives them seamless to the predictive modeling, informatics, and AI/ML software they need for small molecule discovery, biologics antibody engineering, and diagnostic testing. With streamlined processes and data that is easy to access, analyze and visualize, LifeArc scientists essentially have an “Ideas Factory” that helps them not only identify and purse the most promising design ideas, but also protect their IP and register diverse types of chemical and biologic entities.

“With such an eclectic mix of therapeutic areas and modalities, LifeArc needed an informatics platform that was fit for purpose. We believe that the Dotmatics Platform gives us the flexibility to plug in and play any other tools that we have now or might need in the future,” commented one Life Arc Scientist.

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