Krystal Biotech: Uniting Data Processes to Drive Collaborative Innovation

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Krystal Biotech Optimizes Data Processes to Drive Collaborative Innovation

Krystal Biotech is a leader in developing redosable gene therapies for rare diseases, which demands both scientific innovation and operational excellence. 

Challenge: Time that could be spent in the lab was instead spent recording and tracking down data across various software programs and systems. Disparate, unstandardized data storage with broken communication caused inefficient data management and analysis.

Goal: In order for their scientists to innovate, especially as its R&D teams grew, they wanted a way to optimize their processes and maximize collaboration across teams.

Solution: Krystal Biotech implemented the Dotmatics Electronic Lab Notebook and Platform, which is currently being used across five of Krystal Biotech’s R&D groups.

Results: With the connected, robust and flexible system, productivity and cross-functional communication is better than ever. Scientists are now able to save time by more easily creating relationships between different experiments, which makes it easy to collaborate, find and extract data, and act on related experimental findings.

“With other ELNs I have used in the past, it always felt like we hit a wall. We would think, ‘This is all the ELN can do for us.’ With the Dotmatics Platform, we definitely haven’t hit a wall, and I don’t foresee that happening any time soon.”

Chelsea Geruschat, Senior Research Associate in Downstream Process Development

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