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Dotmatics Implements ‘Data to Value’ Initiative with BASF Agricultural Solutions

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“The D2V project started with a need from the chemists. They said, “We need something better to cope with our data. With data volume growing and growing, we have to find a better way to work with that.”

Dr Joachim Dickhaut, Senior Principal Scientist Agricultural Research, BASF

Research and development (R&D) are crucial to BASF’s Agricultural Solutions division, leading to innovations that are essential to finding the right balance – for farmers, agriculture and future generations.

To cope with increasingly more complex and comprehensive data in R&D for new crop protection products, Dotmatics and BASF Agricultural Solutions worked together to enhance the division’s R&D IT infrastructure.

With a 3-step phased approach, BASF Agricultural Solutions successfully reached the goals of the ‘Data to Value’ project. As a result, all steps of the data lifecycle – experiment planning, sample creation, testing, and scientific analysis – are handled by Dotmatics’ unified data-centric platform.

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