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Amplify Discoveries with Research Collaboration Software

Enhance innovation with collaborative discovery. Dotmatics’ Collaborative Research Network software can help ensure success for any external project by enabling real-time scientific data exchange, informed project management and shared scientific decision making across organizations.

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Team Collaboration
Data Sharing
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Drive Cross-Team Decision Making

Realize new discoveries with seamless information flow between your research collaboration network based on shared project data, analytics, and visualizations. Dotmatics’ scientific collaboration software allows scientists to work with extended research teams spanning pharma, biotech, CRO and academic partners.

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Customer Impact

Achieve Consistency Across the Collaboration Network

“Now that the solution is in the same platform, there’s an efficiency in terms of time, but more importantly for us an improvement in term of quality, reproducibility and consistency of the data management.”

Martin Everett, CSO


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Capabilities that Support Collaborative Research

The Collaborative Network Research workflow groups key capabilities into packages that can scale with your team as your needs change. Explore what is included, or request a demo of the full solution.

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Biologics Discovery - Novel RNA - electrnoc laboratory notebook

Laboratory Notebook

Capture, store, search and share all of your experiments in a single system.

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Search and report on data and lab insights across research databases.

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Visualization &

Analyze, graph and present your analyses to improve laboratory data validation.

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Biologics Discovery - Novel RNA - assay development

Data Analysis

Analyze assays from screening experiments with GraphPad Prism.

The preferred analysis and graphing solution for scientific research
Antibody page - assay data management icon

Assay Data

Capture and analyze all types of screening experiments.

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Automatically Ingest Data From Any Instrument

Ingest data from 100+ instruments using out-of-the-box parsers that require no additional configuration to reduce errors and time spent moving data.

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