Dotmatics For Collaborative Network Research


Today’s research projects are often carried out across collaborative networks of pharmas, biotechs, CROS and academics in a variety of arrangements from fee-for-service to joint IP discovery to large consortia. The Dotmatics informatics solution for collaborative network research can help ensure the success of all these arrangements, allowing real-time scientific data exchange, enhanced communication, project management and even shared scientific decision making across the partners.


Hosted Collaboration Solution

The Dotmatics solution is hosted securely in the cloud and so can be accessed by all partners outside their firewalls. Partners can be spun up and down quickly and no partner requires VPN access to another’s servers.


Real-Time Scientific Data Exchange

The solution provides a scientifically-aware data repository that handles molecules, sequences, assays, experiments and scientific images as well as text and data.

Security defines each partner's granular access to data and all partners can access all data to which they are entitled in real time.

Data can be synchronized to internal systems on a schedule or as IP is distributed at the end of a project.


Cross-Partner Scientific Workflows

The Dotmatics applications within the suite can capture experiments, molecular and biologics entities, samples and assay results directly to the shared repository.

Work-requesting capabilities and experiment transfers allow work to be requested from one team to another.

Shared decision support tools allow common analytics and visualizations to drive cross-team decision making.


Project Management and Performance Monitoring

Managing a research project in which resources cross many companies can be difficult.

The Dotmatics solution provides real-time monitoring of work requests and experiment execution as well as immediate access to all results.


Customer Experiences

AstraZeneca Neuromed is an entirely virtual organization using the Dotmatics solution to manage partners and data for their entire research process.

Two major US biotechs use the Dotmatics Studies Notebook to work with and manage their CRO chemical synthesis partners.

CalciCo, a UK biotech, uses the Dotmatics solution to manage and analyze their biotherapeutics data from internal and partner research teams.

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