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What is antibody sequence analysis software?

What is antibody sequence analysis software?

Antibody sequences are important for engineering antibodies and characterizing proteins. 

Knowing antibody sequences allows for rational experimental design for the development of potentially lifesaving therapeutics. Successful and efficient antibody sequencing requires the assistance of digital tools, and these tools are referred to as antibody sequence analysis software. 

Antibody sequence analysis software is designed to help identify and characterize antibody sequences, allowing scientists to gain valuable insight into antibody sequences, and easily share and visualize results. 

Antibody sequence analysis tool functionalities

Antibody sequence analysis tools enable scientists to: 

  • Validate antibody sequences – Automatically apply annotations, validate different types of antibody sequences, and view closest germline gene matches.

  • Select optimal candidates – Discover liabilities and other sequence features, pinpoint variants of mutations, and filter data to choose representative sequences.

  • Visualize and export results Analysis results can be explored using interactive sequence viewers, grouping sequences by genes or regions, and exporting tables and images for reporting.

How to use antibody sequence analysis software

Antibody sequence analysis software is easy to use and built tailored for your needs. This is especially true for Dotmatics platform, which offers tools for easy and accurate antibody sequencing. 

Dotmatics supports lab insights by offering a dynamic workflow that groups key capabilities into packages. Dotmatics also provides advanced analytics and easy-to-understand visualizations for many different antibody-like molecules. 

This package, powered by Geneious, provides analytics and visualizations for a range of antibody-like molecules. It also helps to extract the maximum information from many different data sets, including:

  • Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) — A robust technology used to determine the sequence of DNA or RNA for studying genetic variations associated with diseases.

  • Single Cell Sequencing — Sequencing of individual cells with optimized sequencing technologies. 

  • Sanger Sequencing — Sequencing method for determining the nucleotide sequence of DNA based on using electrophoresis. 

Dotmatics software, supported by Geneious, uses innovative algorithms to achieve unprecedented accuracy, accelerated candidate selection, and superior visualizations. You can easily annotate, validate, and characterize IgG-like antibody sequences and improve your productivity and performance in the lab using this powerful tool. Book a demo to learn more.