Unlocking Novel Targets to Treat Neuroscience Diseases at Cerevel Therapeutics

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In 2018, with backing from Pfizer and Bain Capital, Cerevel Therapeutics set out to unravel the mysteries of the brain and uncover novel targets to treat neuroscience diseases. With ambitious goals and huge potential for growth, Cerevel needed the right lab software to support their innovative workflows and ensure R&D productivity.

Their requirement list was long. At a high level, they needed:

  • Secure cloud data storage and data management

  • Lab software to support complex research workflows across biology and chemistry labs

  • A research collaboration platform to ensure data integrity and IP protection, even when working with CRO partners

  • Research IT infrastructure that would scale with their projected growth

On a more granular level, many things were needed to support R&D productivity and innovation, including:

Cerevel’s Director of Medicinal Chemistry, Hanh Nho Nguyen, shares why Dotmatics stood out as the perfect partner for the long haul and how his team has worked smarter, faster, and more securely with the Dotmatics scientific research platform and applications:

"We evaluated a few different vendors, but when we looked at Dotmatics we thought, 'Wow. Everything we need is already in the Dotmatics Platform!'"

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