Joining Forces with Insightful Science

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Joining forces with Insightful Science

So it’s official, with the formal transaction completed, Dotmatics and Insightful Science are now one team!  We are delighted and super keen to share this milestone with our customers – the combined company is now the world’s largest cloud-based scientific research R&D platform.

But why is this so significant? Like many industries, scientific research is going through a pivotal digital transformation. Knowledge, innovation and drug discovery is increasing at a faster pace than ever. And the result is that the research process has been transformed from transactional and process-driven, to data-driven. The number one challenge today is how to manage the enormous volume — and promise — of data generated in labs.

Insightful Science’s software applications have become core to millions of scientists’ daily workflows, and their integration into Dotmatics’ cloud-first enterprise data management solution signals a significant transformation in the future of software and data management in research labs. Our combined companies have the scale and vision to unlock huge value for our customers and give them a competitive advantage as they transition to the Lab of the Future. Given the importance of science today, ultimately this is going to help accelerate innovation and advance human knowledge.

That said, without like-minded company cultures and a shared customer-centric vision we would be destined to fail. We whole heartedly mirror the words of Thomas Swalla, our new colleague and CEO of Insightful Science:

“We’re now at the starting line of the next journey that will be filled with opportunities to continue to have a meaningful impact on Science at an even broader scale. The combined team has the opportunity to build a decade defining software company that empowers our customers to be the real ‘change agents’ in the world. I’m very confident that given the talented team members and best-in-breed technology of our unified company, we’ll continue to innovate but at a pace to have maximum impact over the long term.”

As Thomas points out, the integration process starts from now. Although it’s business as usual, supporting customers with their current workflows we look forward to sharing updates on the exciting range of integrations for every R&D workflow. Even on Day 1 we were able to greatly expand our integrated Antibody Discovery Solution to include the world-class design capabilities of Geneious Biologics. And now we’re looking forward to the integration of SnapGene with Dotmatics’ ELN solution coming soon!

Insightful Science – Quick facts

  • World leading brands include GraphPad Prism, SnapGene, and Geneious.

  • ~ 1 million global users

  • 175 person workforce, 65% devoted to R&D

  • Headquartered in San Diego with offices around the world

  • Combined company will generate well over $100 million in annual revenue

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