Why You Need a Benchling Alternative: The Ultimate Comparison Guide

Benchling has multiple limitations. Given the needs of the current life sciences, chemicals and materials industries, Benchling falls short on many crucial capabilities, including value from data, lab automation and the necessary breadth of tools and solutions.

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What Dotmatics offers

Microscope research


Digitizing and automating laboratory functions provides scientists rapid access to high-quality data so research can move seamlessly through lab departments more effectively.

AI & Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning

Updating the architecture for automated capture of clean and trustworthy data enables powerful artificial intelligence and machine, learning models.

DNA discovery

Multimodal Discovery

Leveraging a unified platform that supports testing different drug types across biology and chemistry helps cross-functional researchers solve a given problem.


Chemically-Modified Therapeutics

Access to a single source of truth provides chemists and biologists ways of capturing and viewing data that makes sense to them.


Early-stage, Biotech and global enterprises

Free version academic users from universties

Therapeutics and Molecular Biology of Solution

Part of Dotmatics - molecular biology applications including Geneious Prime and SnapGene

Unlicensed product due to lack of comprehensive solutions.


Vastly superior chemistry features and experience in supporting this science

Capabilities to support chemistry not launched yet.


A la Carte for startups creating features scratch or fixing gaps in existing infrastructure

Customers use third party softwares integration including Dotmatics products - SnapGene, Genieous Prime, etc.

Lab Automation

Human free error process while meeting scale, security and automation standards

Requires manual file processing by humans which is labor intensive and not upto industry standards

Assay Data Management

Meets current and future screening needs

Cannot enable full experiment life cycle with the lack of assay data management

Biological Registration

Registers a broad set of biologically based entities, including both natural and non-natural residues

Has a well regarded biological registration system that handles natural sequence based entities only

ELN Offering

Research data has value only when you can gain useful insights for analysis or when it’s clean and trustworthy to present for AI / machine learning models. Search should always be the primary consideration, not an afterthought.

Depth of Molecular Biology Capabilities

Dotmatics holds best-of-breed molecular biology applications such as Geneious Prime and SnapGene, as well as GraphPad Prism, the leading tool for scientific data analysis and visualization. The combination of these de facto end-user applications with the comprehensive data centralization and search platform from Dotmatics provides a solution with unprecedented capabilities support. Benchling capabilities are simple and easy-to-use tools. The trade off is that they are less sophisticated and can't capture robust amounts of detail.

Depth of Chemistry Capabilities

Dotmatics has a long history of high-performing chemistry capabilities. This is especially important with the rapid emergence of chemically-modified therapeutics, such as antibody-drug conjugates, stapled and bicyclic peptides, and various forms of RNA therapies. The ability of a single informatics platform that inherently supports both biology and chemistry is critical for this type of research. Benchling recently announced that they plan to dip into the realm of chemistry, so it's difficult to assess the capabilities. Based on product news that has been shared, nascent features will be available in future product releases.

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