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Optimizing Small Molecule Drug Discovery

Unlock the potential of small molecule drug discovery with strategies for streamlining workflows and reducing costs.

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Discover How Antabio Accelerated Their Research with Dotmatics

Learn how the biopharmaceutical company implemented a web-based informatics solution to streamline data management, facilitate global collaborations, and improve project oversight.

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Pharma’s Hold ‘Em: Why Pharma is Calling Rather Than Going All In

Explore the challenges and opportunities of modern drug discovery and development.

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Discover the Benefits of the Small Molecule Drug Discovery Solution


Platform Scope


Compound Synthesis

Singleton or Array synthesis workflows
Capture of reaction scheme and experimental details

Synthesize compounds in house or at a CRO
Make and track CRO requests

Enumerate libraries of compounds and push to the ELN to track synthesis

Chemist-friendly tools improve data capture to minimize rework and make resynthesis easier

Compound Analysis

Submit requests for analysis directly from the synthesis experiment

Analytical experiments capture data, which is automatically fed back to the requester

More streamlined analysis workflow ensures that compound quality is maintained so that assays are accurately reporting on the activity of compounds

Compound Registration

Register compounds from the ELN or by bulk upload

All synthesized compounds stored in a central registry so you can always find them

Unambiguous ID for compounds allows collation of assay data

Assay Screening

Search for compounds and request assays

Upload endpoint assay results

Analyze assay data

Track assay requests so you know which “holes” need to be filled

Spend less time on data analysis and more time in the lab

SAR Analysis

Search for compounds and review assay results

Analyze assay results and compound properties

Make the most informed decisions using ALL of your compound property data to select your best hits, leads and candidates

Integrated Data Platform

All capabilities run from the same single sign on

Same data code utilized across the complete workflow capabilities

All interactions and changes to the data are traceable

Easy for scientists to find and use all of their data

No more manual copy and paste from assay spreadsheets!

Improves data integrity and usability

Increases data compliance

System Extensibility

Extensibility allows customers to support the science that makes their workflows unique

The standard workflows provided by the solution can be augmented with extensions

Dotmatics Integrations

Integrations with scientific software such as Vortex, Prism, Protein Metrics, Geneious Prime, Geneious Biologics, support a rich variety of scientific experiments

Save time and resources by removing unnecessary data preparation by importing your scientific data directly into these powerful visualization and analysis tools

Increase data utility, reduce IT technical debt and total cost of ownership by integrating your ELN, Data Management, and Screening software directly into these market leading scientific tools

Scientists Choose Dotmatics


Productivity and Collaboration

Operational Efficiency

Insights and Innovation

Quality and Compliance

Reduce needless workflow complexity and downtime to improve productivity and collaboration.

Small Molecule Discovery

Integrate capabilities and simplify data workflows: Built-in capabilities and templates provide a unified workspace that supports the entire hit discovery to lead optimization research workflow including design, synthesis, sample logistics, QC analysis, screening and SAR analysis.

Increase collaboration via transparent communication: Scientists across departments, scientific disciplines, physical locations, and companies can easily access secure and relevant R&D data and results.

Increase scientists’ focus on discovery: Unified workspaces minimizes data processing workflows enabling scientists to apply their expertise as they design the next set of molecules to synthesize, or apply guided cheminformatics analysis to help make sense of project SAR data.

Dotmatics Web-based Informatics Solution Enables Antabio to Facilitate Global Collaborations

“Previously, we analyzed all the data in excel files which was extremely hands on, took a long time and had a lot of risk of error and lack of ability to track what you’re doing. Now that the solution is in the same platform there’s an efficiency in terms of time but more importantly for us an improvement in terms of quality, reproducibility, and consistency of the data management.”

Dr. Martin Everett
CSO Antabio