Antabio Implement Web-based Informatics Solution to Facilitate Global Collaborations

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Antabio is a private biopharmaceutical company developing a broad pipeline of novel antibacterial treatments focused on drug-resistant life threatening infections. All Antabio programs address WHO critical priority pathogens and are eligible for streamlined development. Founded in 2009 by Marc Lemonnier, Antabio has built a best in class, international team with highly successful track records including former executives from Novexel, Galapagos, Merck, GSK and Astra Zeneca. The company is headquartered near Toulouse, France and has UK and US subsidiaries.

The Challenge

Disparate Research Data with Increased Number and Complexity of Lead Programs

Like many biotechnology start-up companies, Antabio began with a single program in hit to lead phase. With just two employees initially, the scientists used a simple chemistry enabled database to which they could associate structures and data. All analysis was done manually in excel and the results then stored in this database. Once the company started to expand, scientists were making many more molecules and introducing different assays. They quickly became frustrated with:

  • Time taken to analyze data

  • Risks inherent in manual data manipulations

  • Inability to capture or link the data to the raw data and parameters of the assays

  • Lack of ability to follow any variations in assay protocols

  • Lack of project oversight

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