Dotmatics Releases Powerful Enhancements to its Biology Solution to Help Accelerate the Research and Discovery of Life-Improving Therapies

Dotmatics Releases Powerful Enhancements to its Biology Solution

User-friendly visualization and bioinformatic tools offer rapid insights into complex data without the need for database experts and bioinformaticians

Dotmatics, a leader in R&D scientific software connecting science, data, and decision-making, today announced the availability of the latest version of its Biology Solution, an end-to-end biologics data management and analysis tool designed to help R&D leaders get more insight from their data, faster. The Biology Solution offers common workflows for scientists who work in biopharma, industrial biotech, and AgTech to accelerate new product development, simplify project management, and reduce the complexities of research IT infrastructure. The new version includes expanded functionality for molecular cloning and vector design, protein production, new biologics registration, and more.

The Biology Solution is the latest update to a suite of recently released Dotmatics Solutions, which are pre-configured packages of capabilities and workflows to support specific scientific disciplines. These solutions are powered by Dotmatics’ enterprise scientific platform, along with integrations to its popular scientific applications such as Geneious, SnapGene, and GraphPad Prism. These integrations enhance utility, improve data integrity, and reduce data transfer time for scientific experiments.

“For too long, the life sciences market has been without a digitally transformed lab, one that offers unified solutions for connecting the full lifecycle of science, data, and decision-making,” said Melanie Nelson, Director of Product Management, Solutions and Integrations at Dotmatics. “The Biology Solution facilitates the ability to capture all data in a single place and provides the structure needed to find and use that data later. Because we’ve developed a scalable, extensible, and configurable tool, scientists can bring their data together—from vector design to protein production to assays and more—and use all of that data to develop new strategies for drug discovery.”

Using the Biology Solution, customers benefit from knowing that data is integrated from the start. Dotmatics Data Discovery capabilities make it easy for scientists to find, manage, and leverage all of their data without the hassle of cross-collating multiple spreadsheets and common copy/paste errors and tedious spreadsheet management. In addition, the Biology Solution reduces time to implementation, enhances the customer’s drug discovery capabilities, and reduces internal data transfer requirements.

“With other ELNs we always felt like we hit a wall. We would think, ‘this is all the ELN can do for us,’ but with the Dotmatics Platform we definitely haven’t hit a wall, and I don’t foresee that happening any time soon,” said Chelsea Geruschat, Senior Research Associate in Downstream Process Development at Krystal Biotech. “I’m excited for the workflows Dotmatics is working on. What they’re developing will be really helpful for us in the future.”

The new Dotmatics Biology Solution can be used in a variety of biological research workflows, with use cases including, but not limited to:

  • Molecular Cloning & Vector Design: Improve consistency and easily share vectors and sequences with colleagues. Design vectors in SnapGene or Geneious Prime, register and retrieve vectors and sequences from the biological registration system.

  • Protein Production: Find all elements of the process in a single search. Produce common biologics, capture experimental details in an ELN, and track the production workflow—vectors, sequences, cell lines, expression conditions, purification results, and final batches are all tracked.

  • Biologics Registration: Associate registered entities with experimental results, so you’ll know what’s in the tube. Register from the ELN, scientific applications like SnapGene and Geneious Prime, or directly in the registration system and track the location of samples in inventory.

  • Experimental Data Capture: Capture results of characterization experiments and assays—reduce rework by tracking key information about what you’ve already made​.

  • Results Analysis: Make decisions using all of your stored data​; search all stored data from one place, collate and analyze results from multiple experiments.

The new Biology Solution is available in two tiers: Enterprise or Enterprise Plus

  • Enterprise includes access to Dotmatics’ ELN and Data Discovery capabilities to support a broad array of biologics discovery. Customers can take advantage of biological registration directly from the Discovery ELN. They can also find enhanced results capture capabilities that make it easy to enter results in a structured way, ensuring they can be easily searched and retrieved in the future, and pre-built search forms for the common protein production workflow.

  • Enterprise Plus includes everything in the Enterprise tier, plus Dotmatics screening capabilities for assays and more depth for specialized workflows used in antibody drug discovery.

Learn more about the new Dotmatics Biology Solution.

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