Dotmatics Mini-Summit 2024: From Insights to Impact

Dotmatics Vision

Thomas Swalla, CEO at Dotmatics, shares how Dotmatics is revolutionizing R&D with modern solutions.

Walkthrough and Deep Dive of Luma

Kalim Saliba, Chief Product Officer at Dotmatics, shares how Dotmatics Luma transforms data into a foundation for AI-enabled multimodal research.

Example Workflows and Demo of Luma

Experience Dotmatics Luma in action as Phil Mounteney, Regional VP of Science & Technology at Dotmatics, gives a live demo of powerful new integrations that seamlessly connect Dotmatics Luma with GraphPad Prism, Geneious Biologics, SnapGene, OMIQ, and FCS Express, enabling rapid and reliable scientific results.

Customer Story: Deploying Luma Lab Connect

Matthew Kunicki, former scientist at a top pharmaceutical company and now CEO and Founder of CytIQ Inc., shares his hands-on experience with deploying Luma Lab Connect. Gain insights into the challenges he faced, the solutions he considered, and the significant benefits realized, including increased efficiency and valuable time savings for scientists.

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