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More Data, Deeper Insights, Accelerated Outcomes

Enable better decision-making in your labs. Dotmatics Luma is a breakthrough R&D data management platform that simplifies collecting and processing of instrument data, and helps non-technical users easily gain critical insights directly from data.

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Help Your Scientists Access, Analyze, and Act on Data

Create a Connected Lab

Within the Luma platform, Luma Lab Connect automatically ingests and centralizes data from any source including lab instruments and equipment, regardless of file format. Now all your critical data across labs and experiments is available for exploration, analysis, and discovery on one connected cloud platform.

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Fast, Flexible Decision-Making

Luma is purpose-built to understand and anticipate unique patterns in research, making it easy for scientists to leverage it in breakthrough ways. Non-technical users can model data to suit research needs — no code required — significantly decreasing complexity in exploration and shortening time-to-insights.

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Accelerate the R&D Process, Accelerate Outcomes

Luma breaks the mold of R&D discovery by helping scientists cast a wider net earlier in the discovery process and hone in on the most promising opportunities from the beginning, while providing a faster (and safer) path to selecting and validating the best solution.

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The Dotmatics Luma R&D Data Management Platform




Instrument Integration

Achieve real-time synchronization by automating the ingestion of data from lab instruments, equipment and other scientific systems.

Break down data silos, reduce risk associated with manual data transfer, and ensure comprehensive data availability for more informed and efficient decision-making.

Data Ingestion

Centralize and standardize data from various sources —regardless of file format or data type.

Increase the value of your raw data by streamlining data transformation and minimizing time consuming data processing needs.

Data Modeling

Customize your data to fit your unique requirements with data modeling capabilities that enable clean, reliable data structures for in-depth analysis.

Tailor data to your needs, enhance data quality, and reduce complexity in your scientific research.

Low-code App Building

Luma is a low-code application building platform built on Databricks designed for users to build their own scientific applications to power the next generation of data science and bench science.

Empower your scientists with data-driven decisions, while reducing the burden on IT and informatics team.

Get Ready for AI

Companies who choose Dotmatics Luma to support their R&D data foundation are well prepared for leveraging the power of AI, whether that be creating generative AI query-building options or using predictive and adaptive AI to augment lab testing and procedures.

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