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The Enterprise ELN, Built by Scientists for Scientists

Capture and store experiments and share with internal and external collaborators in a single, intuitive framework to support data-driven decision making with secure, virtual notebook software.

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Discover a Flexible & Secure ELN

Dotmatics’ Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) with flexible templating to capture, store and search experiments from all scientific disciplines. Ensure your intellectual property is rigorously protected without limiting access to the data for your scientists.

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Simple Framework

A simple intuitive framework accommodates all experiment types.

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Flexible Protocols

Protocols that define experiment types can range from highly structured forms to be filled in, to the collection of drag and drop files.


Scientific Data Types

Captures scientific data types and associated files including molecules, reactions, sequences, images, videos as well as text and numeric.

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Intelligent Dashboards

Sophisticated dashboards and navigation of experiments and notebooks to quickly find relevant information and to understand organizational performance.

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Create experiments directly from a Dotmatics request, register experimental results directly into Dotmatics chemical or biological registration applications and search data in Dotmatics or third party databases.



Cloud-hosted deployments support external collaborations with experiments transferable between partners.

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