Introducing the New Dotmatics: Combining Enterprise Scientific Platform with Scientists’ Favorite Applications


We are excited to officially introduce the new Dotmatics!

Dotmatics is now inclusive of the Dotmatics’ enterprise scientific platform and many of scientists’ favorite applications including SnapGene, Geneious, and GraphPad Prism to offer end-to-end solutions for biology, chemistry, and formulations research and development.

Our vision for a new lab of the future will change the course of scientific research and development.

We are in the midst of a digital transformation of the entire science R&D industry. Scientific knowledge and growth in pharmaceutical drug discovery and chemicals and materials innovation is increasing at a faster pace than ever before. That torrid pace in innovation brings with it a proliferation of data and corresponding data management challenges that compromises success when trying to use scientific data in meaningful ways. The industry has been missing an integrated R&D platform with the depth, breadth, and connectivity to the best science applications to help solve these complex data challenges in labs.

But we are changing that. Dotmatics offers solutions built to realize that vision of a lab of the future. We are exponentially transforming R&D productivity with a platform that connects and organizes data that is distributed across organizations or industries and combines it with market-leading science applications for quick access, collaboration, and informed decision-making. Our apps solve the pains we are seeing among individual scientists. The platform solves the organizational pain of finding the data, sharing that data, and getting the data out.

More than 2 million scientists and 10,000 customers trust Dotmatics to help them create a healthier, cleaner, safer world. It’s a mission we share with our customers.

Bringing together our acquired brands under one common Dotmatics branded umbrella and mission is the first step in our journey to providing true end-to-end solutions that provide structure and give researchers the power to move faster with accuracy and context. 

For more exciting news about our integrated solutions, read our most recent press release.

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