Integrating Animals, Assays, and Therapeutics to Simplify In Vivo Study Management


RockStep Guest Blog

Dotmatics and RockStep have partnered to provide a comprehensive electronic platform that includes in vivo study management, registration and assay data management. Both systems have comprehensive dashboards that smoothly integrate allowing users to monitor their studies in real time.

In our joint webinar, Julie Morrison and Steve Manning explain how the digitalized lab of the future integrates all aspects of the drug discovery pipeline to bring therapeutics to market faster.

No time to watch? Keep reading for a quick recap.

The current methods used to manage in vivo studies are no longer effective and return on investment for drug discovery R&D has been steadily decreasing. Digitalizing drug discovery allows integration across departments and time-zones, enabling researchers to explore and search data upstream and downstream with visibility into operations and chain of custody.

Using two fictional companies as examples, Julie and Steve compare how each company would handle set-backs during the race to discover an IBD drug to treat Chron’s Disease.

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Hydra Biosciences uses the traditional methods of in vivo study management: physical notes, calendars, and spreadsheets.  They are hesitant to adopt a drug discovery management suite, thinking it will take a ton of time and resources. They already get drugs to market just fine with their current methods, so why change?

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Remnant Labs has already implemented a comprehensive digital platform like Climb/Dotmatics.

When issues such as looking up historical data, contamination, and major disaster strike Remnant is able to utilize their data storage and management solution to quickly overcome these problems and move forward with their research.  Hydra is stuck repeating work; wasting time and resources.

Remnant wins the drug discovery race!  They get to market first, spending significantly less time and resources on developing the drug and the increased time in market makes them more profit.

Hydra, realizing they are behind the curve and need to adopt digitalization if they want to stay competitive, start the process of onboarding their own drug discovery platform.  It turns out digitalization is easier than they think!

Steps to Digitalization Digitalizing your lab with a cloud-based solution keeps your data safer and more easily accessible on demand. It also allows you to manage studies, scheduling, personnel and resources more effectively.

  • Needs analysis

    Every lab is different and figuring out your specific needs is crucial to getting a solution that works for you.

  • Set-up 

    To get the most out of your solution there will be some set-up of protocols, procedures, resources, and vocabularies. This upfront work ensures data harmonization across the entire lab, enhances efficiency, and allows for reproducibility.

  • Data imports

    Data import functionality and tools make this a lot easier than many customers originally anticipate.

  • Training

    Like with any new program, there’s always going to be some training needed to get the most out of the platform. Our experts provide dedicated training sessions to walk your teams through implementation and are available for any questions that arise both during training and afterwards.

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