Implementing Dotmatics ELN into Charles River Laboratories’ ‘Lab of the Future'

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As a CRO with over 100 facilities in more than 20 countries, Charles River Laboratories (CRL) knows that streamlining processes and integrating applications can have a huge impact on their drug discovery and development efforts.

In recent years, the company has looked toward developing ‘the lab of the future.’

They have strategically migrated toward cloud- and SaaS-based offerings, including Dotmatics solutions in the Discovery business unit for database searching, compound registration, and workflow creation.

Most recently, the Early Discovery business unit delivered a Dotmatics ELN for biology, chemistry, and DMPK to around 500 researchers in the UK and the Netherlands, who overwhelmingly agreed the rollout was a huge success.

To say CRL knows a thing or two about large-scale technology implementation may be an understatement.

CRL’s Director of Business Technology Partnership—Riannon Hambleton—oversaw the company’s ELN rollout and was kind enough to share the key steps her team took to ensure success.

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