The State of Data Integrity and Data Security in Life Sciences

Data Integrity and Data Security in Life Sciences

Discover how to ensure data integrity, security and encryption are at the forefront of the bioeconomy.

To ensure the safety, quality and efficacy of a drug product prior to market roll out, it is critical life sciences companies can uphold the integrity and security of the data generated throughout an entire product’s lifecycle.

While advances in technology hold accolades for the progression of the life sciences industry, driving organizations to be data compliant will accelerate the use of secure analytics applications, further fueling the digital economy in pharma and steering companies away from risky outcomes.

Download Pharma IQ’s report in collaboration with Dotmatics and BioBright to explore why pharmaceutical data integrity and data security are more important than ever in the life sciences industry.


“At the most macro level, there has been a race by every actor in biological research and clinical development to digitize information and to make analytics at scale possible.”.

Charles Fracchia, CEO of BioBright & VP of Data at Dotmatics

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  • Deliver strategies in data integrity and data security to enhance the digitization of the life sciences industry.

  • Learn how to improve your data integrity and data security through automation.

  • Understand how to overcome regulatory challenges in digital transformation.

  • Drive digital change in pharma business models now and in the future by putting data security, data integrity and encryption at the core of your data strategy.