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Every scientist lives for the “aha” moment, when knowledge suddenly sparks innovation that will vastly improve humanity.

But these days, the sheer volume and complexity of data that scientists have to interpret, and the immense pressure they receive to work faster, yet more efficiently, has only resulted in those “aha” moments being pushed further and further away.

Dotmatics is the enterprise platform for scientific R&D. No matter what field of science you work in - biology, chemistry, material science - you'll experience the power of having all your data harmonized.

With Dotmatics, you can

  • Capture, analyze, and validate all your experimental data

  • Leverage the most widely used software for data analysis, drug discovery, biologics, proteomics, flow cytometry, chemicals innovation, and more

  • Centralize all your dataflows and workflows on one modern R&D platform

Dotmatics is intentionally designed to help R&D leaders connect and uncover insights faster, while ensuring accuracy.

Your scientists know what data is needed to advance research. Give them the power to accelerate the transformation of knowledge into innovations that will improve humanity.

Join more than 2 million scientists who are using Dotmatics to change the world we live in.