Dotmatics Mini-Summit: From Insights to Impact

Learn about the latest advancements in R&D technology from Dotmatics during our 2024 Mini-Summit.

Watch as experts, including Thomas Swalla, CEO of Dotmatics, introduce Dotmatics Luma, a revolutionary multimodal data platform built for scientific discovery. This live demo is perfect for anyone interested in streamlining data management and uncovering new research insights.

Experience the power of Luma:

  • Save Hours by Automating Data Aggregation: Eliminate manual processes by automating the real-time flow of all your research data (regardless of file format) into one powerful data platform. This video showcases the near limitless scale of real customer examples ingesting terabytes of data from 1500+ instruments, as well as how Luma aggregates data from key software including GraphPad Prism, Geneious, SnapGene, and more.

  • Easily model your data - no code required: More than data aggregation and storage, Luma is built to easily model data to suit research needs — no code required.

  • Streamline Powerful Workflows: Leverage the power and breadth of Dotmatics’ scientific software in out-of-the-box workflows. This video showcases examples of new multimodal workflows for key scientific outcomes including flow cytometry and biologics research.

  • AI-Powered Search: Use Luma's natural language search functionality to ask questions directly about your data and uncover hidden insights (coming soon).

  • Drive FAIR Data Principles: Ensure data continuity and compliance with FAIR principles for long-term collaboration.