2022 Dotmatics UK Customer Symposium


CEO, Thomas Swalla, shares the vision of Dotmatics and our plan to harmonize science and data to support the transformation leading scientific innovation.

Product Vision: Improved Scientific Innovation Through the Integrated Platform

SVP of Enterprise Product Strategy, Michael Swartz, outlines key informatics challenges that are facing the scientific industry today.

Product Vision: Improved Scientific Innovation Through the Integrated Platform

Chief Product Officer, Kalim Saliba, shares how Dotmatics plans to solve the informatics challenges of today and our product vision for 2023.

How Dotmatics Can Help You Reduce Risk, Cost and Time

Director of Product Marketing, Haydn Boehm, introduces the Dotmatics Small Molecule Drug Discovery solution and how it supports drug discovery advancement. 

Harmonizing CRO Workflows with the Dotmatics Chemistry Solution

Sales leader, Claire Mayo, shares how the Dotmatics Small Molecule Drug Discovery solution harmonizes CRO workflows and allows you to get your results faster, better data integrity, and save you time so you can focus on project progression.

Antibody Discovery — Making the Right Decisions Faster

Bioinformatics Product Lead, Christian Olsen, introduces Dotmatics' new cutting-edge Antibody Discovery solution.

A Streamlined Solution for Antibody Discovery

Senior Solutions Engineer, Nimesh Joseph, gives a run-through of the new Dotmatics Antibody Discovery solution.

The Dotmatics Platform in Chemicals & Materials R&D: A Path Towards Data-Driven R&D

AVP of Chemicals and Materials, Max Peterson, introduces the Dotmatics Formulations solution and how our customers are using it.

AGC Tech. Center — Configurable Platform to Streamline Processes & Structure Data

Dotmatics customer Benoit De Toffol, Digital Transformation Program Manager at AGC Tech Center, tells the story of how they use Dotmatics to increase efficiency and sustain differentiation.

Adventures in AI

Senior Consultant, Dan Ormsby, gives an overview of AI in science and available AI functionality in  the Dotmatics platform.

Dotmatics Integrations with Scientific Products

Associate Vice President of Product Integrations, Andrew Lebeau, shares how the Dotmatics platform integrates with applications such as GraphPad Prism, Geneious Biologics, Geneious Prime, and SnapGene.

Innovation in Dotmatics Apps - What's new in SnapGene, Prism, Geneious, Flow Cytometry

A discussion panel with Dotmatics leaders about innovations around the Dotmatics applications.

What is Dotmatics?

Dotmatics is the global leader in R&D scientific software that connects science, data, and decision-making. Combining a workflow and data platform with best-of-breed applications, we offer the first true end-to-end solutions for biology, chemistry, formulations, data management, flow cytometry, and more.

Never Compromise – Use Software You Already Love

Dotmatics has created a different approach with an end-to-end ecosystem of best-in-breed software that you already know, including GraphPad Prism, SnapGene, Geneious Prime, Geneious Biologics, and others.

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