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Create Better Products, Faster, Cheaper

Dotmatics’ Formulation Development workflow is designed and built for use directly by researchers and can support decision making that brings premium products to market sooner, at a lower cost.

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Implement Data-Driven R&D

Gain deeper insights and achieve model-ready data by connecting your formulations experiments to analytical and physical characterization results. See relevant information in views that make sense to your team and ask “what if” questions as they produce the next test.

Accelerate Innovation

Create market-leading products with contextualized data, so you can maximize the performance of goods at minimum costs with advanced software built for optimizing formulation development workflows.

Increase Project Collaboration

Researchers can easily search, browse, and analyze shared data, gather results from other tests, and apply their own scientific expertise. Everyone can follow a continuous workflow without using multiple disjointed applications or having to ever move data manually between programs.

Areas We Serve


Chemical and Materials

Accelerate formulation development with easily and quickly accessible data. By sharing and applying results throughout your process, maintain a pipeline of safe new and improved products so your organization is positioned to be the first to market.

Pharmaceutical Formulation Development

Develop a better drug in a fraction of the time. Shared, real-time test data is stored, calculated and presented in a way that enables collaborative, data-driven decision-making throughout the development process, decreasing the time and cost typically required to develop a working drug formulation.

Customer Impact

Sustainable Formulation Research and Development

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